Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Passage Rock

Passage Rock Reserve Chardonnay 2016 Waiheke Island
Distinctive and familiar bouquetof both Chardonnay, Waiheke Island and the Passage Rock style - aromas of sweet fresh oak and baked stone fruits laced with tones of rocks and tobacco, baked nuts and a touch of honey; youthful and new. On the palate - delicious! creamy and flavourful with ripe stone fruit, wood spices and new oak sweetness; fine wood tannins and medium+ acidity, a well balanced, lengthy and drinkable wine now, will also age well through 2025 if stored correctly.
93 Points

Passage Rock Reserve Syrah 2014 Waiheke Island
Bold bouquet of ripe dark red berry fruits, black currant and boysenberry, there's no mistaking the core of ripeness and black pepper layer, fresh well toasted barrel tones and hard stone earthy quality. On the palate - dry and equally intense as the aromas suggest - flavours of dark berries and currants, a back bone of acidity and firm tannins ensures attention, some olive and black peppercorn flavours; long finish and memorable. Decant for service through 2017/2018, best drinking 2018 through 2025
95 Points

Passage Rock Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2013 Waiheke Island
A bouquet that gets straight to the point - Cabernet aromas of tobacco, bell-pepper and cigar box oak, softened by Merlots' charms with a core of ripe plum and blackberry; the oak is bold, youthful and loud (as it should be) with the ripeness of fruit soaking this up well. On the palate - dry, varietal and textured with flavours of blackberry and roasted plum, chocolate and tobacco, big tannins and plenty of acidity. Very youthful with loads of potential and a fairly lengthy finish. 
94 Points

Passage Rock Late Harvest Cabernet 2016 Waiheke Island
Aromas of raisin and prune then an echo of dark berries  and a dry herb layer. On the palate - sweet wine flavours with plenty of residual sugar leading the charge, flavours of preserved red fruits, raisin and some honey, fine yet noticeable tannins and medium acidity. A balanced and well made wine, no harsh elements and finely textured yet sweet finish. A wine best enjoyed with food of equal intensity and sweetness.
86 Points

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