Sunday, 15 May 2011

Moana Park Vineyard Syrah

Moana Park is a Hawkes Bay based wine company, very much a boutique operation with a focus on producing quality wines from specific sites. ‘Moana’ translates as ‘the sea’ or a large body of water, and the whole area once was under water; ‘the Park’ is so named as part of the property was once a sports field before it was turned into a viticulture haven. 
Dan Barker is the principle wine maker, a graduate of EIT who took the title of Young Wine Maker of the Year in 2003. 

Moana Park Vineyard Tribute Syrah 2008
N:  Classic Hawke's Bay Syrah bouquet – wild raspberry, spicy dark plum, burnt toast, vanilla and brown baking spices. Not too intense but complex and very inviting all the same.
P:  Juicy and immediately very tasty with a sound balance between the slightly wild raspberry and dark fruit flavours and spicy oak and baking spice flavours. The finish is long, tasty, persistent and balanced. You will have a lot of confidence in listing this wine as it will deliver. 4½ Stars

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