Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rock Ferry Wines

Rock Ferry Wines Blanc de Blancs 2010 Marlborough
Bright, fresh and fruity bouquet with a core of fruit suggesting white peach, apple and pear, a light floral layer and mild to moderate autolysis. On the palate - crisp, fresh, dry. Flavours reflect the nose with pear, apple, white peach and now lemon emerging; mild autolysis, balanced and well made.
88 Points

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Waimea Family Estate Wines

Waimea Family Estate 'Classic Riesling' 2015 Nelson
Delicious bouquet of sweet lemon and mandarin laced with aromas of stony minerals, a touch of saline and light floral tones. On the palate - only just dry with a light residual sugar note, the wine definitely finishes dry; flavours of ripe citrus, crisp apple, tangerine and rose; plenty of mineral tones and abundant refreshing acidity. Lengthy finish. 
92 Points

Waimea Family Estate Pinot Gris 2016 Nelson
Striking bouquet of ripe variteal Gris with aromas of green pear, apple and some tropical fruit such as pineapple; white spice and crushed florals. On the palate - vibrant and just dry with ripe  fruit flavours, medium+ (ish) acidity and warming alcohol; loads of flavor and style, some phenolic texture adding length and finish. Great balance and well made.
88 Points

Friday, 23 December 2016

Waimea Family Estate Wines

Waimea Family Estate Wines Gruner Veltliner 2016 Nelson
Fruity, fresh, varietal and distinctive bouquet show pineapple (tin), apple, lemon and white peach, some typical vegetal notes of radish and snow pea (quite quiet), a sfot spicy layer. On the palate - crisp, dry and fruity reflecting all the flavours described for the nose; more peppery and vegetal on the palate - which I like - stelly acidity and lengthy finish. Great balance. Drink now and through 2018.
88 Points

Waimea Family Estate Wines Gewurztraminer 2015 Nelson
Voluptuous, fragrant and enticing bouquet of flowers, spice and ripe fruits; apple and white pears, white peach and fleshy Asian pear, just enough exotic tones. On the palate - off dry to begin with but eventually finishes dry; flavours of exotic fruits return, spices and warming alcohol along with a lengthy finish make for very nice drinking indeed. Great balance and finish. Drink now and through 2020.
90 Points

Waimea Family Estate Wines Pinot Rosé 2016 Nelson
Very fruity, ripe and classic - packed with aromas of strawberry and red apple skin, some stony mineral notes and a light crushed rose layer. On the palate - juicy, fresh, fruity and just dry on the finish; persistent flavours of light red berry fruits and peach, medium+ acidity and persistent flavours overall. Drink now and through 2017.
88 Points

Waimea Family Estate Wines Pinot Noir 2015 Nelson
Lovely calm beginning of a varietal Pinot Noir with aromas of red and dark red cherry, some plum, toasty oak and vanilla spice, loads of silty mineral making for a complex bouquet overall. On the palate - varietal, fruity and dry with flavours of dark cherry and spicy plum, medium toasty oak, fine tannins and medium+ acidity. Balanced and definitely well made example.
91 Points

Waimea Family Estate Wines 'Trev's Red' 2015 Nelson
Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Viognier
Very fruity and quite fragrant too with aromas of red currant and black raspberry, some peppery spice notes and rose. On the palate - juicy, fruity and dry; flavours of plum and red currants, raspberry and some peppery notes, very easy tannins, medium acidity and balanced medium length and finish. Drink now and through 2018.
88 Points

Waimea Family Estate Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Nelson
Vibrant and expressive bouquet of ripe citrus and orchard fruits, some tropical fruit aromas and grassy layers. On the palate - equally vibrant, fruity, fresh and dry; flavours of tropical fruits and fresh herbs, plenty of crisp acidity and classic lengthy finish. Drink now and through 2018.

91 Points


Giesen Rosé 2016 Hawke's Bay
Made from Merlot grapes the aromas of red plum, cherry and red apple skin are fresh and ripe, some floral notes and light stone mineral quality complete the bouquet. On the palate - fruity reflecting the flavours of red berries and plum, medium+ acidity and very fine tannins; balanced, fresh and well made. Drink now and through 2017.
88 Points


Amisfield Chenin Blanc 2016 Central Otago
Very fruity bouquet with aromas of apples and green grapes, a gentle lees layer and soft white spice note, simple, fresh and lively overall. On the palate - frsh, crisp, fruity and dry; flavours of apple s and grapes return with a layer of white peach and a hint of spice; a wine in the very early stages of development requiring some months to begin to show its true potential. Balanced and well made - typical for this producer. Drink from late Summer 2017 through 2025.
87 Points

Amisfield Pinot Gris 2016 Central Otago
Generous, lush and fruity bouquet with aromas of fresh pear and apple, some quince and peach then a layer of silty mineral earthy qualities and a light white spice. On the palate - just dry with some light sweetness, a core of ripe fruit and medium+ acidity adding crunch and freshness. This wine will reward from now and through 2020 if stored well. Fresh, crisp, balanced and well made.
89 Points

Spinyback by Waimea

Spinyback by Waimea Riesling 2016 Nelson
Fruity and fragrant bouquet with fleshy apple and lemon aromas, light wet stone moneral character and a spun sugar note. Off-dry with some sweetness then balancing acidity; flavours of lemon and grapefruit then some apple, medium+ acidity, balanced and well made. Drink now and through 2017.
84 Points

Spinyback by Waimea Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Nelson
Pungent bouquet with aromas of apple, golden kiwifruit and tropical fruits then sweet hay and cape goosebery, simple and forward. Juicy, fresh, fruity and packed with energy; just dry with a core of ripe fruit; balanced example with medium+ finish. Drink now and through 2018.
87 Points

Spinyback by Waimea Pinot Gris 2016 Nelson
Fruity and quite fragrant with aromas of juicy pear and fleshy red apple, some floral notes and a hint of citrus. On the palate - just dry with a hint of sweetness, medium acidity and fruit flavours that reflect the nose - pear and apple; fresh and lively with a simple, clean finish.
83 Points

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

TWR Te Whare Ra

Te Whare Ra

Six pack of whites just arrived - anxious to get my thoughts on these wines to ya'l. Five of six are Single Vineyard expressions - marked by 'SV 5182' in the title of the wine.

TWR SV 5182 Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Quite pungent at first then a fragrant and complex layer of messages about wild white flowers, honeysuckle and heriloom citrus fruits; then of course some of the more typical Marlborough SB characters kick in with pink grapefruit and some tropical/red apple suggestions. On the palate - urgent, fresh, crisp and dry; loaded with flavours that reflect the nose, some softer herb notes, high acidity, vibrant texture, great balance and length. Drink now and through 2025 - this wine will age well.
94 Points

TWR Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Juicy, fresh, luscious and classical Marlborough aromas of citrus, tropical and white fleshed stone fruits; plenty of fresh herb and white spice. On the palate - juicy, fresh, crisp, dry and packed with flavour; lush salivating acidity, loads of citrus and tropical fruit flavours, lengthy finish. Totally classic, balanced and well made.
92 Points

TWR SV 5182 Riesling 'D' 2015
Lemon, green apple, mandarin, lime flower, apple blossom and honeysuckle dominate the bouquet, there's a distinctive mineral or light flinty character, quite subtle behind all the fruit messages. On the palate - fruity with an even display of all the types listed above, crisp, balanced, subtle flavours of green tea, peach and Kaffir lime, dry lengthy finish. 
94 Points

TWR SV 5182 Riesling 'M' 2016
Fragrant and slightly exotic aromas of ripe mandarin and lime flower, white peach and pale apricot, some honeysuckle moments and wild flowers. On the palate - off dry with some residual sweetness, flavours of cape gooseberry, mandarin, lime and green apple; unctuous textures and plenty of acidity, long finish and delicious. Drink now and through 2025.
95 Points

TWR SV 5182 Pinot Gris 2015
Fresh, floral, fruity and varietal with aromas and flavours of green and brown pear, yellow apple and some white spice, slightly oily texture to the bouquet. On the palate - crunchy, fresh, fruity and dry on the finish; flavours reflect the nose with medium+ acidity, light white spice moment and decent length, balanced and well made. Drink now and through 2020.
90 Points

TWR SV 5182 'Toru' 2016
Gewurztraminer/Riesling/Pinot Gris - co fermented
Exotic, complex and inviting bouquet of fresh fruits, exotic fruits, spice, honeysuckle and harmony. On the palate - dry with plenty of acidity and flavours that show off lemon and pear, spiced apple and white pepper. Lengthy and totally enjoyable finish, great balance and length. Drink now and through 2020
94 Points