Thursday, 30 June 2011


Millton Clos de Ste Anne Naboth's Vineyard Chardonnay '09
N: Don't let the first aromas fool you - there is a very complex bouquet of white flowers, warm and generous fruits and personality silently waiting your attention; soft stone fruit, hints of golden melon and blonde tobacco; as the wine is swirled and absorbs more oxygen the bouquet unfurls its splendor.
P: Youthful,  primary and complex: Plenty of acidity emphasizes a younger side - yet the stone fruits and delicate tropical note, sweet citrus layers and playful oak (adding structure) suggests to me there is a long and necessary development time for this wine.  The finish moderate just now, but I know it will extend in time. The complexity too is sitting in the shadows of the power and intensity of the fruit and oak. Three to five more years in cellar will prove a sound investment. 94 points (5 Stars +)

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