Thursday, 4 August 2011

Himmelsfeld Vineyard

Himmelsfeld Vineyard Moutere Chardonnay 2005 14.5%
Very bright with a very youthful straw/green with flashes of gold.
N: Peaches, golden and red apple, creamy vanillin, smokey edges, spice and sour cream notes.

P: Dry, warm, medium+ to full-bodied, a youthful bite from both the acidity and oak, fruits are reflective of the nose: peach, apple and now pear with sweet French vanilla ice-cream flavors and spice. Citrus flavors emerge after several minutes in glass and lengthen the finish as well as adding to the style. After another several minutes suggestions of brown sugar and caramel emerge.
Overall a youthful wine for its age in appearance, bouquet and flavor.
A touch warm. 4 Stars.

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