Sunday, 20 January 2013

Folding Hill

Folding Hill Pinot Noir 2010 Bendigo Central Otago 14%
N: Light to moderate toasty bouquet with a smokey, sweet cherry, plum and some dark cherry lift; brown spices and a hint of white pepper and kirsch. Moderate+ complexity, attractive overall. Expectations are high for the palate.

P: Youthful with plenty of bite from the tannins and acidity. A crisp Pinot Noir with a forward mix of oak and light brown spice elements. Very drinkable with a moderate length and finish to match.Don't get me wrong this is a lovely wine, but is tightly wound and needs more time in cellar (or decanting) to bring the various elements together and round -off some of the tannin action. 

Decided to have a glass with dinner tonight. this was a good idea as the food assisted in knitting together the youthful elements especially the oak. So as expected this wine just needs a little more cellar time (or decanting) - my pick is 2 years.
4 Stars 

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