Monday, 23 September 2013


Schubert 2010 Syrah Wairarapa 14%
Nose: A distinctive bouquet - a mix of new oak, red and black fruits, red peppercorn, bacon, brown spices and botannicals (time to swirl the glass another 20x) - there is quite a bit of complexity in this wine; it has a distinctive youthfulness about it as well.

Palate: Dry and as youthful and the bouquet suggests; this is a very specific wine that requires more than just a passing consideration; medium+ acidity and tannins (bold and youthful), with the oak speaking loudly and commanding palate attention; All the elements for a fine wine are here - great fruit presence, commanding structural foundation and a long finish. All it needs now is time to get used to being in bottle a little longer (2 - 3 years).
4.5 Stars

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