Sunday, 19 January 2014

Chateau Routas

Chateau Routas Murray Family Wines from Provence, France
Trio tasting

Chateau Routas Couteaux Varois En Provence 2012 13%
This is a rose wine that displays a salmon oil/peach/apricot hue

Sweet scented with light red florals and light red fruits; it's not a complex wine, but it is enticing with its sandy, chalky mineral suggestions. On the palate the wine is poised, balanced fresh and alive with flavor. Again not complex, but crisp and with exotic and interesting flavors to keep me interested. Balanced with medium length and medium- complexity.
Serve chilled
3.75 Stars

Chateau Routas 'Infernet' Coteaux Varois En Provence 2009 14.8%
38% Grenache, 38% Syrah & 24% Cab Sav

An integrated bouquet with a mix of brown spices, earthy chalk-like textures and flavors. Plums, sweet black berries, and mild raspberry & pepper notes. Overall a dry, earthy Old World styled wine.
Will please many who try, but I would suggest it's best enjoyed along side your favorite meaty, earthy dish.
3.5 Stars

Chateau Routas 'Cyrano' Vin De Pays Du Var 2008 14.5%
100% Syrah
earthy with aromas of spiced meats, mushrooms and wild raspberry. Black fruits, violets and pepper notes. On the palate a balanced, dry wine that is still integrating yet tasty; Plenty of red fruits and earthy flavors, a little spicier on the palate than the nose first suggested - the use of oak emphasizing these qualities; Medium to medium + tannins, brown spices, oak textures and flavors. Balanced with medium length and medium(+) complexity. Well made and highly recommended.
4 Stars

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