Saturday, 22 March 2014


Schubert Wines Martinborough tasting on site March 8th 2014

Rose 2013
A traditional onion skin hue - very light.
The bouquet is also very light with soft and delicate red fruits of melon and strawberry; on the palate a crisp and almost off-dry with medium+ acidity and flavors of light red fruits with a lush and juicy appeal. Balanced with medium length and light complexity.
3 Stars

Sauvignon Blanc 2012 - Sur-lie 10 months
An individual, but not unique bouquet of sweet herbs in particular angelica then green melon skin, gooseberry and a little citrus; on the palate a wine full of texture (lees ageing), weight and presence; medium+ acidity, dry balanced and well made.
3 Stars

Tribianco 2013 - Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Muller Thurgau
Dolce nose - juicy almost sweet bouquet that is full of fruit - in fact a fruit salad; on the palate there is weight and stone fruit from the Chardonnay, a touch of white spice and pear from the Gris and fruityness from the Muller Thurgau; just dry with light peach and a mix of fruit suggestions. 
Great wine for restaurant that use medium to medium+ spices and exotic flavors in their food.
3 Stars

Pinot Noir Marion's Vineyards  (Pommard and Abel Clones)
Delicate, fragrant, varietal, has pinosity as well as a judicious measure of oak; medium+ complexity; on the palate - dry and well balanced with light red fruit flavors of strawberry, plum and cherry - mostly red; fine tannins - but a wine that is also youthful and engaging; balanced with medium+ length and complexity. 
4.5 Stars

'Block B' Pinot Noir 2011
Varietal with great pinosity and Schubert features - cherry and red apple skin; fine oak and complexity; on the palate a wine that reflects the nose plus fine oak tannins and medium+ acidity; dry with an overall charming presence; balanced with moderate length and complexity.
3.5 Stars

Samples of the 2012 'Marion's' and 'Block B' - were quite exciting and I look forward to trying them again upon release - especially the Block B.

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