Friday, 6 June 2014

Kalex Wines

Kalex 'Alex Kaufman' 'Single Vineyard Pisa Terrace 2013 Riesling Central Otago 12%
Honey suckle, sweet pear and apricot smothered apple, sweet lemon and rose; mineral aromas of wet stone and schist.
On the palate a just dry wine with acidity pushing high; flavors of lemon and lime with apricot and peach; a sweet citrus peel note adds length to the finish; phenolics broaden the the texture on the palate and will be a challenge for some, but think of them in terms of citrus zesty textures and flavors;
Overall a smart dry finishing wine with medium length and finish.
3.5 Stars

Kalex 'Alex Kaufman' Riesling Central Otago 2013    9%
Crisp, lifted, green and red apple, a lemon twist and sweet white rose bouquet, like the SV Pisa Terrace wine - there is a mineral layer that is very appealing; honey suckle notes also add depth.
On the palate - off dry with a sweet lemon and sherbet note; high acidity is well balanced against the residual sugar; flavors of apricot, citrus and apple dominate the fruit while wet stone and schist on the mineral side; balanced and well made with medium+ length, finish and complexity.
4 Stars

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