Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mahurangi River Winery

Mahurangi River Winery Reserve Syrah 2013 Matakana 13%
Very dark ruby appearance with a deep crimson hue and pink rim
Not due for release till early 2015 - this is a sneak preview........the bouquet is bold, dense and rich in varietal character: lots of fresh dark berry smells with a wild raspberry core; white pepper corn, violets & velvet red flowers and some serious oak.
On the palate - dry and youthfully tense with fruit tannins commanding the texture and emphasizing some of the oak spice as well; medium+ acidity and lots of red and black fruit flavors with some obvious oak flavor as well; The finish is lengthy and persistent.
While not yet ready for release this is a wine that reveals its potential extremely well - I am reminded and excited that Matakana should not be forgotten when it comes to Syrah and that well tended vines alongside a smart and dedicated wine maker make all the difference.
Well done to the Mahurangi talent behind this example.
4.5 Stars

I first tasted this example around 2:30 pm and then again at 9:30 pm for this tasting note - my initial excitement (doesn't take much with a quality wine) was further enhanced by reviewing the wine again after being open for several hours.

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