Saturday, 30 April 2011

Karikari Chardonnay 2009 13.3%abv
N: Definitely an interesting bouquet with citrus fruits emerging first after 5 min and glass. Then leesy, stone fruit and sandy clay mix unfolds. The oak is only just showing on this occasion. Palate: reflects the nose with citrus, stone fruits and leesy complexity; Medium+ weight and intensity, the oak playing a much bigger role with plenty of spicy presence. Medium+ acidity brings the palate to attention with some whiskey barrel suggestions. Overall a great wine with Medium+ length and finish. 4½ stars.

Karikari ‘Hellhole’ 2008 Cannibal Jack 13% abv
N: A bold mix of dark red fruits – all wild – wild blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and plum; sweet oak spice influences. P: Dry, Medium+ body, zingy and zippy on the palate – very fruity with a wild aroma is a little more tamed. The very fruity easy drinking style is balanced and well made; Overall moderate complexity with medium length, and again well-made. At NZ$22 RRP – well priced too. 3 Stars.

Karikari ‘Calypso’ Pinot Gris 2010 14.5% abv
N: Varietal, approachable, new pear and apple cider aromas and hints of citrus. P: Dry to off dry, quite fruity; Some warmth from the alcohol lifts the spice elements; Balanced, with a warm and just off dry finish – overall very good. 3 Stars.

Karikari Pinotage 2006 13.2% abv
N: Attractive fruity aroma with layers of spice and oak, raspberry, mixed berries, vanilla – showing some leathery development. P: Dry, fruity and showing integration, but still on the development journey; vanilla, clove and spices add a ‘just right’ layer of complexity; medium+ weight and length, balanced and well made. 3½ Stars.

Karikari Merlot/Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 13.2% abv
N: Nicely integrated bouquet – showing dark red fruits of BlackBerry and dark plum framed by tobacco and oak spices then bell pepper notes; Medium complexity and very sound for its age. P: Dry, well integrated into his big tenants starting to curb in two-mile notes, Coffee, dark chocolate and Doris plum and BlackBerry. Overall very dry with a slightly lean mid-palate making this a food oriented wine.
3½ Stars.

Karikari ‘Toa’ 2007 13.5% abv
N: Fruity and with mild aromas at first which then evolve into a Pinotage like fruit profile – black cherry, blueberry and followed by chunky oak then layers of spice with tobacco and cedar. P: Dry+ packed with intense oak flavour – mostly new, new oak tannins and spice and dark red fruits and blueberry and a touch of BlackBerry an oaky finish. Great wine for a cheese board or perhaps a fine cigar!  3½ Stars.

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