Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc 2010 13.5%abv

N: Immediate attention to the fruit aromas of peach, marmalade and gooseberry, citrus too has hints tangelo and meyer lemon; a steely presence and touch of spice.
P: Concentrated, focused and juicy. A wave of citrus zest & pith followed by peach, gooseberry, light fresh herbs and white pepper spice suggesting a hint of oak; Spritely acidity. Overall a fascinating wine; quite a long finish and notable residual palate texture. 5 stars.

Ata Rangi Lismore Pinot Gris 2010 14.5%abv
N: Warm and generous aromas that include: quince and spiced apple followed by fleshy pear and whispers of stone fruits; light lees and suggestions of oak spices all come together for a delicate, fruity and interesting bouquet. A wine with complexity in mind.
P: The off-dry beginning is more than matched with a bite of acidity and the warmth of the alcohol adds to the texture, weight and complexity – this is a very positive aspect of this wine and for a NZ Pinot Gris rarely encountered. Lightly creamy texture, spices and fruity; the complexity gaining force. Overall a very enjoyable example with med+ length . 4 ½ stars.

Ata Rangi Petrie Chardonnay 2009 13.5%abv
N: Lemon butter, macadamia, ripe stone fruits and a hint of quince. The wine opens up beautifully and shouts ‘I am Chardonnay’ very clearly. There is a whiff of wild lavender alongside the clean and pure aromas of carefully selected oak.
P: Sophisticated, powerful and intense with a firm oak presence equally matched with grape fruit, apple and stone fruit flavours; fine silken texture and a long, strong finish. A fabulous wine and a keeper. 5 big stars.

Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay 2009 13.5%abv
N: Dense, rich and almost broody in its bouquet. Creamy vanilla-pod laden fruit: apple, nectarine and golden queen peach; youthful, attractive.
P: Creamy with a satin texture and bite from both oak and acidity; Full bodied – an all encompassing wine. Still this is a very young wine with an intense core of fruit that starts mid-palate and then reverberates through-out revealing the full potential of this wine. Just fantastic! 5 stars.

Ata Rangi Summer Rosé 2010 13.5%abv
N: A very large bouquet of roses, perfume and light red fruits smack the nose awake, a hint of herbacousness adds a touch of complexity and interest.
P: Whether chilled or at cellar temperature this is a wine to please all; dry yet enough fruit sweetness to satisfy; bright and cleansing acidity; a little tannin for texture and generosity; lovely balance and well made. With or without food – doesn’t matter. 4 stars.

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2009 14%abv
N: It takes only a short, sharp sniff to know this is a fine wine: while there is plenty oak and oak spice present there is more than enough ripe red fruits to draw attention to the true message in this wine. Craisins and sweet cranberry, dark and red skinned kishmish cherries, red apple skin and hints of plum.
P: Dry with attention seeking acidity, tannins and fruits followed by more relaxed and giving mid-palate of flavours. Overall this wine is very young at heart and requires careful cellaring for a minimum of 3 years to begin to integrate and reveal the more mature adult within. 5 stars.

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