Sunday, 9 June 2013

Artisan Wines

Artisan Wines Pinot Gris and Viognier ‘Exceptionnelle’ 2010 (50 gpl RS)
Apricots and peaches, pears and apples – clean. Palate is very pear and apple flavoured with apricot notes. Medium-medium+ acid. Balanced, sweet and juicy. Recommended with moderately spiced Asian cuisine.

Pinot Gris 2012 Marlborough (Biogro) Silver Medal 
Full, luscious and richly fruity Pinot Gris (Marlborough too) – lots of white fleshed fruits, slightly herbal in nature with a residual sugar note. Commercial in style but balanced, lush, and a crowd pleaser.

Artisan Kauri Ridge Chardonnay 2010 13% 
Plenty of Chardonnay character with peaches, vanilla, some texture and MLF – nutty notes from oak, moderate-moderate+ acid. Balanced and well made. Showing some apple notes on the finish – good. 
3.5 Stars

The Matriarch Syrah (and Viognier) 2010 14%  
Floral with a deep(ish) blackberry fruit bouquet, some black and white pepper
 Clay notes.
P reflects the nose with floral notes, a moderate complexity; overall balanced and well made. Medium+ length – not a monster. Could handle more oak. A plum sweet spot – Rhone clone.
3 Stars

Fantail Island 100% Syrah 13%
A more masculine style with Blackberry and Black Doris Plum aromas, then a black and white pepper layer. Moderate complexity.
Dry – I prefer the texture and ‘chew’ factor – feels more like Syrah. Well made with medium+ length. 
3.5 Stars

Dominic CS/Mer/CF/Syr/PV 2010 14.5%
A mixed bag of red and black berry fruits, with complexity , style and presence. The plum and peppery fruits dominate.
P reflects the nose with enough tannins and oak to keep me happy. Medium oak note. No complexity but very satisfying with medium+ length. 
3.5 Stars

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