Friday, 4 April 2014


Forrest Riesling 2012 Marlborough 12%
Floral and limey with aromas of jasmine and white rose followed by citrus and apple; on the palate - just dry with medium++ refreshing acidity and medium- weight; the flavors of sweet apple and lemon with peach and pear follow; a fresh and lively wine that will complement many light weighted dishes and gently sweet seafood (scallops).
3.5 Stars

Forrest Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Marlborough 12.5%
Striking bouquet of pungent and lively tropical fruits, herbacousness and steely attack - there's no mistaking the Marlborough and signature of Sauvignon Blanc with this example; on the palate - dry with just a nudge of residual sugar then all the flavors describes earlier come crashing onto the palate - peach, pineapple, apple and lemon; high acidity, light-bodied, lush and with medium+ length. A highly recommended example.
4 Stars
Forrest Pinot Gris 2013 Marlborough 12.5%
lots of pear and yellow apple fruit suggestion, a hint of white spice - otherwise a sound and appealing bouquet; on the palate - just dry with lots of pear flesh and apple flavors; this example also has a floral side which can be a rare find in Gris; fruity with a dry(ish) finish, medium+ acidity and medium- weight; balanced and well made with a medium finish.
3 Stars

Forrest Chardonnay 2011 Marlborough 13%
An immediate and gentle complexity on the nose with a mix of lees, soft oak spices, white fruits and a little citrus peel along with some bottle age - makes for an enticingly attractive bouquet; on the palate - dry with a creamy texture packed with flavors of citrus first and peach and vanilla and soft lees complexity; balanced with medium+ length and medium+ subtle complexity; well made and tasty!
4.5 Stars 

Forrest Pinot Noir 2012 Marlborough 13.5%
Fruity with lots of ripe cranberry, cherry and red apple aromas; there's a distinctive herbal quality that adds complexity and even a little masculinity, medium oak influences; on the palate - dry, fruity and very appealing; the tannins in combination with the herbal qualities add complexity and backbone while the fruits are ripe enough to add a little charm and distraction; balanced and well made with medium length and complexity. A wine to recommend with rack of lamb gently seasoned with fresh herbs and a little jus on the side.
4 Stars

Forrest Botrytised Riesling 2012 Marlborough 9.5%
A fantastic bouquet of poached pear, beeswax honey, spices and toffee apple - complex! On the palate - 8/10 on the sweetness scale, but has the acidity to more than balance this attribute; fresh lively and sweet with medium+ weight and complexity and a long exciting finish. You will love this wine - I did!
5 Stars

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