Friday, 4 April 2014

Rock Ferry Wines

Rock Ferry Marlborough 2012 Riesling 12%
Lemon and lime zest on the nose with white florals especially rose, sweet red and green apple and fresh, crisp lift; on the palate - crisp and dry with lots of zesty lemon and grapefruit flavors, medium+ acidity, the phenolics on the back palate add a touch of bitterness - this both stretches the palate and distracts a little; that said it reflects the wine makers intentions of Riesling as an individual expression; medium length.

Rock Ferry Central OtagoTrig Hill 2012 Riesling 12%
Minerality, mandarin and lime - 3 attributes in Riesling that make me smile (Central Otago has a soil, climate and fruit ripening micro-climates to make many varieties look and taste fantastic); on the palate a youthful expression with plenty of bite and spice from the fruit; red and green apple, mandarin and lime flavors all wrapped up in high acidity with a mineral and steely bite at its core; dry finish making it a versatile food wine, moderate length and complexity. Overall a sound wine that for me - would also make a decent aperitif.
3 Stars

Rock Ferry Marlborough 2012 Pinot Blanc14%
Some Pinot Gris like attributes with spiced pear and apple aromas, there's a little more weight to the bouquet and complexity too with a chalk and white florals layer; on the palate - dry and fruity with lots of apple fruit flavors, even a cider note, white florals and white chalk-like note; a hint of white pepper then pear and apple flavors return; balanced and dry with medium length and complexity. A wine I would recommend to have on any wine list - uber food friendly.
3.5 Stars

Rock Ferry Marlborough 2012 Sauvignon Blanc 13.5%
Very herbal and forward with green and red bell-pepper aromas (capsicum) followed by aromas of peach, lemon and passion fruit; on the palate - dry with flavors that directly reflect the nose; a little residual sugar brings balance and depth to the palate. A very nice wine, but has a particular SB fan base who like that herbaceous, grassy and fruity appeal. Balanced with medium+ length and moderate complexity.
3 Stars

Rock Ferry Central Otago 2012 Pinot Gris14.5%
Lots of varietal attributes with pear, peach and yellow apple aromas, moderate spice notes; on the palate - a delicious wine with warmth and generosity, plenty of fruit flavor and intensity; medium+ acidity, moderate mineral flavors; balanced with medium length and complexity. Highly recommended.
4 Stars

Rock Ferry Marlborough 2010 Chardonnay 14.5%
Lots of creamy French vanilla ice-cream and peaches aromas with a back ground of quality oak and ripe fruit at its core; on the palate - dry with an abundance of fruit and oak flavors - the length on the palate is fantastic with lots of creamy textures and flavors of ripe fruits woven in oak spice, warmth from alcohol and a charming complexity. Balanced and well made with medium+ length and moderate complexity overall.
4 Stars

Rock Ferry Marlborough 2013 Botrytised Riesling12.5%
Lots of honey, caramel, apple treacle and preserved white fruit aromas. On the palate - sweet 8/10 on the sweetness scale - plenty of flavor and texture with a creamy, lushness as well as a light lees driven note. Deliciously sweet and flavorful - dessert in a glass. Medium+ acidity, full-bodied and quite rich. Balanced and well made.
4 Stars

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