Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mountford Estate

Mountford Estate Chardonnay 2005 Waipara Vallley 14.5%
Developing golden tones, extremely bright appearance
Quite a complex bouquet - some of which reminds me of the fondness many have for the buttery side of Chardonnay, the other is the complexity that bottle-age can bring to a wine that is left to mature and become appealing in a different way. 
There is however a slightly tired tone underpinning the overall bouquet.....that said I can still pinpoint the grapefruit and other citrus fragrances, yellow apple, stone fruits and nutty/cashew and vanilla qualities in the oak.
On the palate - dry, creamy, nutty and tasty; there's no mistaking the warmth from the alcohol, but this also adds to the complexity and harmony from bottle age. Flavors of citrus, peach and apple fruits return; acidity is medium with the fruit flavors overall having a quieter voice. The wine remains balanced with a medium+ finish.
In the end - this is a charming wine - drinking very well for a 2005 example. It is also a wine that if you do have some in your cellar please start to enjoy this wine again.
4.5 stars

Mountford Estate Chardonnay 2007 Waipara Vallley 14.5%
Fully golden tones, bright appearance (Diam closure)
A delicate bouquet with a wine that is now fully integrated and reaching the end of its plateau.
Roasted and dried stone fruit aromas with apricot and peach leading; the oak still adds a complexity that will please many who prefer older Chardonnay expressions.
On the palate - a mix of fully integrated flavors, a whisper of peachy youthfulness and a sweet oak finish; medium- acidity and finish.
Drink today and perhaps with a salty veal or chicken based dish - no cream & minimal butter.
3 Stars

Mountford Estate Chardonnay 2008 Waipara Vallley 14%
Developing butter golden tones with a lemon skin yellow hue, bright appearance (Screw cap closure)
No mistaking the bouquet of Chardonnay fruit and its buddy oak - integrating, but still with youthful suggestions of fresh California peach; there is also sweet crisp and caramelised apple; citrus peel and even a little raw sugar note; plenty of smokey vanilla oak suggestions as well.
On the palate - dry with plenty of oak bite and citrus peel texture; other fruit flavors suggest tart peach and apple; medium acidity and lots of phenolics for food to play with. the finish is taut and dry with medium length.
3 Stars

Mountford Estate 2007 'Liaison' Pinot Noir Waipara Vallley 14.4%
A deliciously attractive and seductive bouquet of Pinot Noir - a wine that is now fully integrated and showing its bottle- development attributes: sweet scented pot-pourri of Autumn rose, sweet and spicy game meats, macerated red cherry & loads of red apple skin; no mistaking the oak either - medium+. If you like Chambolle Musigny the you'll love this.
On the palate - dry but with lots of sweet Pinot Noir fruit residue; this along with the oak and aged attributes presents a wine ready for you to enjoy - now. Still has a long finish. 
Be careful of the food you might prepare for this wine - keep it super simple and no spices - perhaps a salted loin of lamb with roasted carrots and a light jus.
4.5 stars

Mountford Estate 'Liaison' Pinot Noir 2008 Waipara Vallley 14%
Screw top closed
Fully integrated bouquet with a sweet fruit layer along side some sweet oak as well; savory brown spiced oak and a sweet vanillin edge; macerated cherry fruits.
On the palate - savory and dry with a old rose delicacy, savory red tea, macerated cherry fruits, medium integrated tannins and medium acidity. A balanced lovely expression. Although the wine is 'ready' it is drinking beautifully now. Will reward those who have this in their cellar, but I would suggest it be enjoyed before Summer 2015.
4 Stars

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