Friday, 6 February 2015

Spy Valley

Spy Valley 'Envoy' Dry Riesling 2013 Waihopai Valley Marlborough 14%
Yum! Classic bouquet that reminds of both Marlborough first and then Alsace: stony dry soil, Jasmine and white florals, limely, lemony and apricot; rich in its bouquet and even slightly oily. On the palate - double yum! reflects everything the nose suggests with medium+ to high acid bite contrasted with rich fruit flavors and lots of texture; Green apple flavor kicks in after a while; the oil note is light, but there is a dry stone spice that is very appealing. 
5 Stars

Spy Valley 'Envoy' Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Waihopai Valley Marlborough 13.5%
The aroma and bouquet is distinctive with the creamy rounded and light sweat reminder of barrel engagement; the sweet citrus and gentle stone fruit reminders of both Marlborough and Sauvignon Blanc remain apparent. On the palate - dry with the flavors of both fruit and barrel - this combination works extremely well when measured and the end drinker is considered. Fortunately its works rather well here; crisp acidity, mild earthy/mineral layer; quite a lengthy finish.
5 Stars

Spy Valley 2014 Pinot Gris Marlborough 14.5%
Quite a voluptuous bouquet with aromas of juicy ripe pear and spicy pear skin, sweet apple, some stone fruit and white pepper; a touch of dry stone adds complexity and depth. On the palate - off dry with some residual sweetness - this works really well alongside the crisp acid note and intense fruit flavors; the palate overall is round, rich and flavorful. medium+ (ish) weight, creamy textures and a longish finish. Nice wine!
4.5 Stars

Spy Valley 2013 Pinot Noir Marlborough 13.5%
No mistaking the Pinot Noir fruit drive with red and black cherry, plum and some light toasty oak spice, forward and inviting. On the palate - dry with red fruit flavors centering on red cherry with light brown spice notes, medium+ acidity and mild yet noticeable tannins. A balanced, well made and very drinkable Pinot.

3.5 Stars

Spy Valley 2013 Merlot Malbec Marlborough 13.5%
Aromas of dark red berries with blackberry some black currant and lots of plum; a light red floral adds some depth; quite a simple and forward bouquet, but rich also in its fruity expression. On the palate - dry, crisp and fruity with all the berry fruits described above present. This is also a young wine so the acidity and firmness of tannins do protrude a little, but with the right food or some cellar time this will all even out. Overall a very approachable and easy drinking expression.
3 Stars

Spy Valley Marlborough 'Easy Tiger' Sauvignon Blanc 2014 9.5%
Fresh and lively bouquet with aromas of apple and citrus fruits with a touch of peach then green bell-pepper & and hint of grass. On the palate - off dry with some residual sugar and fruit sweetness; the lower alcohol feature is not so appealing with the fruit flavors leading and the acid falling in behind this. Lighter weight style with a moderate- finish.

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