Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kidnapper Cliffs

Kidnapper Cliffs Pinotage 2010 Hawke's Bay 13.5%
Crimson and ruby purple appearance
N: Bright, fruity, cheerful and again very fruity; thoughts of some Carbonic Maceration come to mind  with a Hubba Bubba bubblegum note – actually quite appealing (and different). Ripe cherry and milk chocolate – stage left.

P: Dry and fruity with the bubblegum and cherry flavours dominating, then some rather large tannins kick in from the oak and fruit; moderate complexity, balanced and actually quite tasty – with a pleasant appeal. An easy to drink style and an alternative to those darker richer Pinots Noir that you may encounter from time to time. This particular example has some extra grunt at its core.
Youthful, quite well-balanced, definitely well made.
4 Stars.

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