Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Methode Marlborough

Summerhouse Blanc de blancs 2010 Methode Traditionelle 12.5% Marlborough
(100% Ch)
Very fragrant bouquet with a sweet lemon and white peach fruit set; moderate+ autolysis and harmonious complexity. On the palate - dry, crisp and quite citrusy with lemon and grapefruit flavors showing before the white peach; crisp and refreshing mouse with a punchy  and generous texture capturing the autolysis and acidity driving into a moderate+ finish. Delicious aperitif style.
4 Stars

Hunter's 'Miru Miru' Non Vintage 12.5% (Ch, PN, PM) Marlborough
Full, bold and richer bouquet with aromas of stone fruit, pear, apple and soft autolysis drive; moderate + complexity overall. On the palate - quite explosive with a demanding mousse packed with bubble; dry and crisp too with flavors of apple, pear and white peach; gentle autolysis and a light lemon note on the finish; Medium length and complexity. A longish finish with a mealy texture and appetizing flavor.
4 Stars

Johanneshof Cellars 'Emmi' Methode Tradionnelle Brut 2007 12.5% Marlborough 
Golden hues and very bright appearance with aromas of a wine that has development secondary aromas through time in bottle - a complex and nutty bouquet with dried peach and pear flesh; an integrated autolysis and bready/brioche toastyness. On the palate - dry, full, rich and complex - a fabulous wine where fresh fruit sits alongside drier versions of the same, a toasty brioche and autolysis harmony and a nutty richness that can only come with time in bottle. The mousse has softened yet retains power and subtlety carrying a medium+ acidity and long finish. Delicious example!
5 Stars

Tohu 'Rewa' Methode Tradionnelle Blanc de Blanc  2011 12% Marlborough
Very inviting and traditional bouquet of freshness, developing autolysis, strawberry, peach and lemon peel; moderate and developing complexity. On the palate - the theme continues with a fresh and generous display of strawberry and citrus with peachy highlights; high, crisp and fresh acidity - which is quite silky and leading into a lengthy finish. A wine to invest in and cellar for another 2-3 years and discover its potential.
4.5 Stars

Spy Valley 'Echelon' Methode Tradionelle 2010 Brut 12.5% Marlborough
A bouquet of a wine that has reached a precise level of development and harmony with aromas of fresh and drying tree and stone fruits, a moderate and measured level of toasty bottle development and a gentle nutty-ness that teases the nose, but does not overpower it. On the palate - dry and quite fruity still with lots of peach, apple and citrus flavors; the texture from the mouse is fresh, lively and firm - so plenty of cellar time available. Mild nutty note and moderate+ length. Balanced and well made with a medium+ finish.
4.5 Stars

Daniel Le Brun Methode Traditioneelle Brut NV 12.5% Marlborough
Distinctive bouquet with lots of fruit messages - lemon, lime and green apple; medium+ autolysis suggestions and a moderate+ toasty quality. On the palate - dry to very dry with plenty of crisp acidity helping this attribute along; flavors of peach and apple laced with citrus dominate the palate with a moderate autolysis and biscuity quality; generous and full mousse; great balance and length.
4 Stars

Allan Scott Family Winemakers Blanc de Blancs Brut NV Reserve 12.5% Marlborough 
A bouquet packed with the aromas of Chardonnay with white and yellow peach laced with citrus and apple; fresh youthful autolysis suggestions and an inviting chalky/floral perfume. On the palate - dry, crisp and fruity with flavors that reflect the nose; a light biscuity layer and high acidity push the messages of citrus then peach; light autolysis moments; full rich and explosive mousse; balanced and well made with a moderate finish; delightful aperitif style.
4 Stars

Nautilus Estate Cuvee Marlborough NV Brut Methode Traditionnelle 12%
Distinctive, complex, layered and rich in character: roasted stone fruits, spice and a savory complexity. On the palate - dry, rich, savory and complex - the flavors just keep on coming with a citrus and apple moments then back to stone fruits; developed autolysis and nutty richness add further character; crisp fresh acidity. A long lasting finish makes this a very special wine indeed.
5 Stars+

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