Monday, 1 December 2014

Waimea Family Estate Wines

Waimea Family Estate Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Nelson 13.5%
Pungent SB aromas with definitive intensity: a blend of sweet grass and tropical fruit aromas laced in warm spice nuances. On the palate - spicy, warmish, varietal with plenty fruit messages of lemon and white tree fruits, some tropical flavors emerge; high acidity accentuates a jalapeno note; medium+ length with a lightly sweet herbal note. Overall - very nice and very drinkable.
4 Stars 

Waimea Family Estate Wines Sauvignon Gris 2014 Nelson 14.8%
Definitively Gris like on the nose with white fleshed fruits leading the aroma stack closely followed by apple and soft tropical fruits notes and a whiff of grass sweet herb. On the palate - fruity, generous, warm and distinctive; softer fleshier tropical fruit flavors, lots of white peach and a hint of lemon peel and pith; medium+ acidity, medium weight and finish. A well made wine and smart alternative to both SB and PG.
3.5 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Gruner Veltliner 2014 Nelson 13.5%
I really like the aromas of the this wine with white florals, nuances of pineapple and juicy white fleshed fruits; the varietal signature of the floral, white pepper spice and white bean/radish is noted, but soft. On the palate - the white pepper spice and pineapple notes really shine through with the fruits described above following closely behind; high(ish) acidity, dry finish, lighter bodied and a moderate finish. A noted layer of stoney mineral. This wine is a smart alternative to dry Riesling and even Sauvignon Blanc, easy match with food or just as an aperitif.
4 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Pinot Gris 2014 Nelson 13.5%
Pungent, fruity, varietal and familiar - aromas of Gris with lots of white nectarine and Asian pear suggestions; a hint of leesy spice adds some complexity. On the palate - just dry with a hint of sweetness accentuated with juicy fruit flavors - juicy fruit gum, lemon, white pear and Asian pear suggestions, medium+ acidity, medium weight, balanced and well made with a longish finish. Very nice and uber easy to drink example.
4 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Classic Riesling 2014 Nelson 12%
Delicious bouquet of mandarin and green tea with lime , lemon, apple and rose nuances - inviting complexity and youthful fruity messages. On the palate - as delicious as the nose suggests with just a little sugar to challenge the high and ripe acidity, lots of flavor and most importantly concentration mid-palate. A lovely example with a medium+ finish. Definitely a '2 glasses thank you' wine.
5 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Viognier 2014 Nelson 13.5%
Lots of classic core of fruit aromas including Apricot stone and flesh, peach, red apple and hints of citrus; there's a lees-like note that adds texture to the bouquet (nine!). On the palate - mild at first then the fruit flavors begin to emerge quickly laced with a little varietal spice notes, a light floral layer; medium+ (just) body, medium acidity, lovely balance and elegant finish. Quite useful on its own and will pair well with carefully chosen foods.
4 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Albarino 2014 Nelson 13.5%
Sweet, juicy, fleshy California peach and red apple aromas; fruity and with a hint of zest. On the palate - 'classic' sweet and sour transition on the palate - as the wine enters the palate it is fruity and forward - this gives way quickly to a citrus, higher acid note that then leads to a moderate+ finish (very nice). The wine then settles and shows its spicy and mineral side. Youthful if not a little phenolic, but overall solid.
3.5 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Gewurztraminer 2014 Nelson 13.5%
Very floral with soft & gently spicy white fleshed fruit aromas of apple, peach and pear, medium intensity and elegant. On the palate - juicy and fresh with lots of elegant spicy moments; floral with lavender and rose suggestions, medium+ (just) acidity, a little sugar to show off the fruit power, but the wine does finish dry. Balanced, elegant and well made.
A great wine for food and delicious on its own.
4.5 Stars

Waimea Family Estate Wines Pinot Noir 2013 Nelson 13.5%
Fruity, varietal and charming bouquet with red cherry and strawberry aromas, hints of cranberry and red rose. On the palate - dry, floral  and fruity with an emphasis of the light red fruit flavors of red cherry and cranberry. The floral suggestion remains, but quiet, medium+ acidity, mild fine(ish) tannins, light in body, balanced and well made. Could easily be served a little cooler in Summer. Drink now and through 2015.
3.5 Stars

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