Sunday, 30 September 2012


Rockburn Central Otago 'The Art' Pinot Noir 2010 14.5%
N: A youthful and vibrant bouquet - STOP! there is something different about this wine. There are aromas that remind me of dried herbs, oak and a specific fruit ripeness and concentration - don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. The oak signature is specific with a nutty spice.
The fruits are full throttle with brambly black cherry and dark Plum skin. After several minutes in the glass a calmness comes to the wine revealing a complexity that might easily be missed. There is a slight medicinal note that disappears after the wine settles in to its new environment - a large glass.
5 Stars

P: Dry, spicy, herbal, oaky and fruity with a little pepper too. Remains complex, but a wine that will polarise Pinot Noir palates because it's youthful vibrancy can be misleading. I decided to have this wine with dinner tonight and will get back to you on how the wine progressed in glass so that I might offer a timeline for cellaring and enjoyment.
Okay - dinner was Oratia Market smoked salmon with roasted potatoes, garden spinach and a rocket salad. The wine had started to relax (3 hours after the first taste). As I suspect that the wine that will cellar for at least three years before it shows the right level of integration. If well cellared it should reward for 10 years.
5 Stars+

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