Friday, 11 March 2016

Rod McDonald Wines

Rod McDonald Wines 'Te Awanga Estate' Chardonnay 2015 Hawke's Bay
Fragrant Chardonnay bouquet with aromas of sweet white peach, apple and quince with a light layer of citrus and honeysuckle; some vanilla and wood spice tones and a creamy, nutty light butter suggestion. On the palate - dry, pleasantly fruity and with plenty of wood spice and nutty flavours. There's quite a lot of youthful tension as well - a wine that also needs some development time in cellar. Fine oak tannins, plenty of acidity and a fairly lengthy finish. Well made. If you must open a bottle before January 2017 be sure to have some hard cheese close by.
89 Points

Rod McDonald Wines 'Te Awanga Estate' Syrah 2014 Hawke's Bay
Plenty of Syrah fragrances reminiscent of southern Rhone - with just enough pepper and spice along side a light fruit basket of plum, light red berries, white mushroom and a touch of aged meat. On the palate - firm, fruity, dry and full of gentle black and white pepper spice, medium level of oak and like the nose a meaty field mushroom layer; medium+ complexity and finish, well made.
90 Points

Rod McDonald Wines 'One off Pinot Gris Rhymes with Orange' 2015 Hawke's Bay
An orange wine made using traditional methods - so amber orange and copper hues. On the nose and palate - aromas and flavours of Pinot Gris with a light ginger spice, apricot and fruit tea flavour profile; there's tannin too with fine textures emphasized by highish acidity. There's also a savoryness to the flavours adding length to the finish. A balanced and well made example of a modern take on a very old technique.
84 Points

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