Friday, 16 October 2015


VNO 'Skinny' Sav Blanc 2015 Marlborough
Fruity, crisp, fresh and herbaceous bouquet captures some of the standard Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc aromas. On the palate - just dry with a layer of sweet juice mid-palate. Flavors are simple and fresh with a crisp edge.
79 Points

VNO Pinot Gris 2015 Hawke's Bay
Fruity and distinctive with aromas and flavours of white fleshed orchard fruits especially pear and apple; there's a little residual sweetness, but mostly dry; quite juicy on the finish too.
78 Points

VNO Chard 2014 Hawke's Bay
Lots of vanilla scents with an oak lead bouquet laced with some orchard fruits of peach and apple; a touch of citrus adds some breadth. On the palate - just off-dry with some sweetness and light creamy texture; a simple flavor profile of orchard fruit, vanilla, peaches and cream; balanced and packaged for early consumption.
79 Points

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